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'''Serge Korjian, MD'''<br />
'''Serge Korjian, MD'''<br />
Contact: 617-259-7243 <br />
Email: [mailto:serge.korjian@wikidoc.org serge.korjian@wikidoc.org]<br />
Email: [mailto:serge.korjian@wikidoc.org serge.korjian@wikidoc.org]<br />

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Serge Korjian


Serge Korjian, MD
Email: serge.korjian@wikidoc.org

Current Position

Senior Deputy Editor-in-Chief, WikiDoc.org
Director of the WikiDoc CME Project
Postdoctoral research fellow, PERFUSE Study Group

Professional Background

Dr. Serge Korjian is a postdoctoral research fellow of cardiovascular medicine at the PERFUSE Study Group at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He received his M.D. from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, after which he joined PERFUSE. Dr. Korjian is a senior deputy editor-in-chief at WikiDoc.org where he authors and oversees the editing of several topics in cardiology, nephrology, infectious disease, and gastroenterology. He has also contributed approximately 300 high-quality USMLE Step 1 style questions for the Wiki Board Review Project. Dr. Korjian is also the director of the WikiDoc CME Initiative that aims to provide CME credit to all physicians who use WikiDoc.


Lebanese American University, Gilbert and Rose-Mary Chagoury School of Medicine
Class of 2014