Academic clinical trials

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Academic clinical trials are a valuable component of the health system; they benefit patients and help the discovery of new drugs.

Academic clinical trials are run at academic sites, such as medical schools, academic hospitals, and universities; and non-academic sites including so-called site management organizations (SMOs). These for-profit organizations enlist and manage the physician practice sites that actually recruit and follow patients enrolled in clinical trials. In some cases, academic members participate in clinical trials as members of SMOs.

Funding of academic studies comes from different groups with an interest in clinical trials. These groups include:

  • Hospitals, universities, researchers and institutions who view trials as a source of income and prestige, and receive private, charitable and governmental funding.
  • Pharmaceutical or biotech companies who view the development and commercialization of treatments as their business.
  • Regulators who wish to ensure treatments are safe and work effectively.
  • Patients and patients' organisations and associations who want faster access to advanced treatments.

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